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Hebei Keao Plastics Co.,Ltd. is located at No.1 North First Ring Road,We County,Xingtai Nationa high-tech Development Zone,Hebei province,Founded in 2007. our company specialize in the development and production of PVC heat stablizers, now we became China's PVC heat stabilizers industry technology enterprises,it has passed the S09001-2000 quality system cerification, in 2021 it was named National high-tech Enterprises.The company has an annual output of 100.000 tons of PVC heat stabiz production base, covering an area of more than 100 acres,in 2021 we introduced fully automated production lines, the equipment improved the homogeneity of the stabilizer so as to guarantee the effective dispersion and long-term stability of stabilizer in the use process.To provide customers with high-efficiency,high-quality quality of all kinds of PVC heat stabili products. Based on years of technology accumulation,KEAO has its own R&D Center, mastered the core technology PVC stabilizer, developed a number of products to meet the needs of different markets.Can undertake processing, accoroding to customer demand for production research and development. KA series environmental protection calcium-zinc compound stabilizer and PVC stabilizer KS series products developed by Keao Company are in line with national and industry related standards, with outstanding weather resistance and excellent thermal stability, widely used in PVC profiles, cables, pr pipes, plates,SPC floor,edge banding and other PVC products,through long-term promotion and application, we had been trust of many customers at home and abroad. At present, the company has established a perfect service, nationwide market network,our products exported to the United States, Russia, the Middle East,Southeast Asia,Vietnam, Africa and other counties and regions, Keao company willThe highest quality products, the most innovative awareness, the most enthusiastic service, looking forward to domestic and foreign customers to establish good technical and business cooperation.



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